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Conversations talk to your applications.
While you talk to your customers.

IntelligentWire makes live conversations more productive and insightful for
your customers, your agents and your business.

The big idea: Integrating applications  

Maximum Return on Conversations (ROC)

You currently lean on imperfect, persuadable people to interpret and document voice interactions. IntelligentWire monitors, records, transcribes and analyzes every conversation and generates compliance-perfect records for your business applications.

Your people doing what they do best
Respond to live conversations in the moment

Respond smarter

Saying and doing the right thing can make or break your business. But, doing it too late means thousands of missed opportunities every day. IntelligentWire voice analysis looks for important information in live conversations and immediately alerts other applications, such as Salesforce, to take action. Trigger workflows, query databases or input data all from the live conversation.

Gain Clarity

IntelligentWire delivers the accumulated understanding from many thousands of customer conversations for a crystal clear picture of customer experience. Your voice data turns into jet fuel for your business.

See all the things
Continuous view of customer experience

AI for amazing CX

Do you really know what’s driving success in your voice calls? Can you accurately identify customer trends and journeys? You need a complete, continuous, objective view of your voice conversations as they happen. AI-driven analysis and deep learning technologies improve accuracy and drive positive experiences across your business.

Your people doing what they do best

Your employees are specially trained to be effective and persuasive verbally. But, you monopolize their time with mundane and error-prone data input and system management tasks. Instead, we let your employees get back to what they’re best at: building relationships. IntelligentWire can do the mundane (but important!) stuff.

Get maximum ROI from voice

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