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Successful businesses
foster amazing relationships

Successful businesses depend on amazing relationships  

Deliver live customer experiences

Your customers are interacting with you right now, and forming opinions in the moment. AI-driven deep learning technologies provide a real-time bridge between customer conversations and your applications, making every interaction efficient, responsive and intelligent. As they happen. Across thousands of conversations.

After Call Work

Accelerate After Call Work

Manually entering details of voice conversations into computer systems is time consuming, error-prone and usually incomplete. Let employees get back to what matters most: human-to-human interactions with your customers and partners. Automate your After Call Work with 100% coverage across thousands of concurrent conversations.

Drive Next Best Action

People can be unpredictable, making in-the-moment decisions difficult. IntelligentWire uses powerful AI and machine learning technologies to help you take the guess work out of what should happen in your conversations - as they happen. "Next" is too late. It’s time to turn “next best action” into pure “action.”

Voice of Customer

What better way to meet your Voice of Customer initiative than to listen to all of their voices in real time? No more surveys or opt-ins to get a small sampling of what a large group thinks after the fact. Get 100% of actual customer voice data to spot trends and analyze customer patterns in real time.

Listen to all the customer voices
Stay compliant

Simplify compliance

Saying certain things at certain times can make or break your business. Whether it’s the ability to follow a sales script or deliver legal disclaimers, with IntelligentWire you can spot micro-deviations and macro patterns to stop compliance issues in real time before they become systemic.

As a bonus, you have all your conversation contents already aggregated for any coaching or audit activities.

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