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Our mission:
unlock the power of
live conversations

We're turning voice into an application  

The team

We've assembled some of the brightest minds in ASR, NLP, AI and Machine Learning to build the most advanced engines in the world around voice technology and processing. Our global teams have cracked the code of making "Big Voice" accurate, scalable and available in real time. After all, you spend more than 95% of your communication efforts talking to people verbally. Our global team pulls information out of conversations and makes it useful.


Amazing partners

No man (or technology) is an island. We've worked with some of the biggest names in Machine Learning and Voice Intelligence technologies, including Google, Kaldi, the TensorFlow team and Salesforce to make IntelligentWire solid. Let us know if you think you'd be a good fit too.

Our technology

Respond to live conversations in the moment

Rethinking conversational AI

Our founders had a singular idea: that human to human conversations are what drives business, and if they could harness the contents, they'd deliver unmatched insight. IntelligentWire goes beyond theoretical algorithms to triangulate AI and machine learning around what your business actually needs: hyper-accuracy, massive scale and low or no latency. Then, we capture your voice data directly from the telephony channels you already use to make adoption as easy as possible. It's AI that's built for your business, not something only rocket scientists understand.


We think we're on to something, but we know our technology is only as intelligent as the people behind it. Think you're a good fit? We're always looking for experts in Machine Learning, NLP, ASR and product engineering to enhance our team. Drop us a line and tell us why you're interested.

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